umamaheswara ugraroopasya - movie review

Umamaheswara Ugraroopasy


Rating: 4.0/5

Released on: 30 July 2020

Available on: Netflix

    umamaheswara ugraroopasya is the official remake of maheshinte prathikaram. Re-Written and directed by venkat maha. Produced by Arka media works and mahayan motion pictures. Music by Bijibal. 

First of all satya dev's (uma maheshwar) performance is next level in the movie. Naresh, suhas, ravindra vijay, roopa and hari chandana are well performed . 

Script writing:
Movie starts with a 'ningi chutte' song. Mahesh is a photographer in this film who owns a studio in aruku village. He had a girlfriend named as swathi who works as nurse in Hyderabad. While movie going farther movie plot reveals with comic touch. Every shot of movie interlinked with each other. The cinematographer appu prabhakar show the aruku in a beautiful way. 
Unfortunately feel good man Mahesh fought with a stranger Joginath. He doesn't wear slippers untill he took revenge on Joginath. His girlfriend leaves him and get married. With these two plots 1st half ends. 
2nd half makes pretty with joythi performance. Movie makes too good with her grace and expressions. Finally he won in the fight with Joginath. 

Hidden points:
  • The main story is lead by the Mahesh father. Secretly he runs story. 
  • Funny conflict between suhas and babji's daughter. 
Brilliant script written and directed by c/o kancharapalem fame venkat maha and excellent cinematography by appu prabhakar. Every shot is captured like a diamond. This was best ott release in telugu. 

This movie looks like runs slowly, but anyway it's entertain. 

This movie will give you full meels in this lockdown time. 


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