Nishabdam movie review

Anushka's Nishabdham movie review

Nishabdham Movie Review

Rating : 3.0/5 

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Released on : 02 OCTOBER 2020 

After 'V' movie, Nishabdham is second biggest movie in TFI to be release in OTT platform. Nishabdham is a suspense thriller directed by Hemant madukar. This film shot simultaneously telugu, tamil and english with the latter version titled SILENCE. The film was scheduled to be released on 31st january 2020 but postponed to 2nd April 2020. Again the movie postponed due to Covd-19 Pandamic. This movie was produced by Kona venkat and TG Viswa Prasad under People Media Factory and Kona Film Corporation. Background score by Girishh. G and soundtrack by Gopi Sundar. Cinematography was handled by Shaneil Deo.


The film stars Anushka shetty , Madhavan and Anjali, while Michael Madsen, Subbaraju, Shalini Pandey and Srinivas Avasarala play supporting roles. Anushka as Sakshi is good a mute role. She did well with sign language and her look was pretty good. Madhavan as Antoney is fit to his role. He was always good at cruial role. Madhavan was very helpful in taking depth meaning of the film. Anjali as Maha and Hollywood actor Michael Madsen as Captain are cops and did justice to their roles. 

Subba Raju as Vivek also plays a important role. He was very effective. He will runs most of the story. Shalini pandey as Sonali was quite possessive girl. Srinivas Avasarala as Surya, who is the husband of Maha given a good support.

Script Writing:
The story starts in a haunted house. In 1970, a couple dies in the haunted house mysteriously. Later, In 2020 a couple Anushka(sakshi) and Madhavan(Antoney) come there for a prestigious painting. In a sudden situations Anthony get killed and then with injuries sakshi get escapes from the there. And that case will handled to the Micheal Madsen(Captain) and Anjali (Maha). 

The investigation goes stronger. Every scene makes interesting and creates suspense. The first half was engaged and fulfilled the curiosity. 

The second gets weaker and  the narration was slow. Director Hemant Madukar Narrated the story in a neat and clean manner. He was filled the basic elements. But some twists are predictable. We can easily predict the climax before going to happen. 
★ The movie production work need a appreciation. Really the visuals in the movie are not less than any Hollywood movies.
★ The camera shots and angles are captured the Us in a well manner. 
★ Casting of the movie are top-level. The movie has good casting which was more than it's need. 
★ The locations are top notch of the film and also BGM fulfilled. 

★ The biggest drawback is the ending of the film. The climax of the film was so predictable. 
★ And also there are no logics for some scenes and twists in the film. 
★ Shalini's scenes are sometimes irritates and also not much entertain. 
★ The screenplay of the film was very week and No gripping in the film. 
★ The crime scenes are not created any fear, they just happens normally. 


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