Miss India movie review

Miss India movie review

Miss India movie review

Rating : 2.5/5 

Available on : Netflix

Released on : 04 November 2020 

Keerthy suresh's second ott released movie Miss India after penguin. This movie premieres in Netflix in telugu and dubbed in tamil and Malayalam. Narendra Nath was directed the movie. Produced by Mahesh S koneru. Cinematography was handled by dani Sanchez-Lopez and sujith vaassudev. Music composed by Thaman S. 


This Movie starring keerthy suresh, Naveen Chandra, Jagapathi Babu, Rajendra Prasad and Nadhiya. Miss India was lady orientated film so, Keerthy suresh(Manasa Samuykta) did very clean job to her role and she always handled the story in the movie. Nadhiya and Naresh plays mother and father roles for manasa and kamal kamraju plays brother character role. 

Jagapathi Babu and Naveen Chandra given importance to their roles. Rajendra prasad as grandfather of manasa did very well. His role made more effective. 

Script Writing:

Manasa Samyukta (keerthy suresh) was a middle class girl who wants become a entrepreneur right now from her childhood. Due to some financial issues manasa and her family moves to US. And joins in College to complete her MBA final year. She meets Vijay (Naveen Chandra) and starts dating him. Vijay proposes to manasa, but she didn't accept him and then she realizes about her dream. 
And then she starts a chai company names MISS INDIA. There, she locks horns with kailash siva kumar (jagapathi Babu) who is the best coffee seller in US. And then the rest of the story is how she brings he business Miss India to the top. 


•The story looks more interesting and effective. 
•keerthy suresh was rocks in village girl as well as a Urban lady. 
•The Conflict scenes between keerthy suresh and jagapathi babu are the best scenes among the film. 
•Thaman full fills the BGM and also songs. He was given Amazing Music. 


•Even the story was good was there is no depth in casting. 
•Routine screen play, routine Dialogues and routine scenes there is no freshness in the film. 
•Even the scenes between Jagapathi Babu and keerthy suresh are good but there is no proper conflict between them to fight. 
•The film lacks basic emotions and goes somewhere from the main story. 
•The family set up looks so artificial and also the family looks down upon keerthy suresh is over top. 

New concept, But movie runs over routine scenes. And also there is no depth in the film. 


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